Ahad, 1 November 2009


Sabah should have a dream to build an economic empire respected by all, say world renowned Blue Ocean Strategy guru, Professor W Chan Kim. "You need to all start with a dream: That Sabah will be the most powerful state in entire Asia, that Japan, China and Korea all respect you", Prof Kim saiid at the Blue Ocean Strategy Conference on 22 October at sutera Magellan Grand Ballroom.

"If you don't have such a dream, the dream will never arrive,"Prof Kim delivered a sobering message to Sabah. Advisive but also blunt at some point, he said:"You need a common dream. You need to figure out how to actualise that dream. That strategic vision. Without such a desire, it is not going to happen," Kim made clear. That dream is also his dream to build a powerful Sabah for future, but a dream is just the beginning of journey, he said. "Hunger for learning to learn anything while we can but do it,"said Prof Kim. I am not in Sabah to "preach concepts or theories." "That not what i want. I want this reality to arrive," he insisted.

 "Red Ocean Strategy is competing. It uses a lot of competition, plenty of competition. They talk competitive advantage, competition, competitiveness". he noted.  "In Sabah , i hope and i pray that you don't use those languages," he said. Sabah-who is competing with you? Who do you compete with?, no body," he asserted. "You should never compete. You need to make competition irrelevant. You need to go elsewhere. You need to create you own space that no body can compete (with you). That important!. That what we call Blue Ocean", prof Kim remarked.
"Blue Ocean is creating uncontested market space, make competition irrelevent, attracting non-customers, create and capture new demand,"he explained. " Once you build an economic empire, its very hard to imitate because you don't compete any more," he elaborated.

 Kan Yaw Chong, Daily Express  1st November, 2009

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